ThePapersnakes is the St. Albans based singer-songwriter partnership of Paul Kerr (vocals/guitar) and Chris Ward (vocals/bass) who perform both as an acoustic duo and in a band set-up with a professional drummer. 


The band’s many influences include rock, funk, reggae and ska through to 70's disco and even ambient music.

From the outset, the band was focused on writing and performing their own material and their original songs have featured in every gig throughout their career.  In the early days live shows were mainly covers with a couple of original songs, but more recently the band play mainly, if not exclusively, their own songs.

They have released several of their songs online (Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc) and in CD format, and they are regular performers on several radio shows (BBC Three Counties, BBC Cambridgeshire and local Radio Verulam (St. Albans) and Decorum (Hemel Hempstead).

As an acoustic duo they have played two shows on online music tv channel Plasma Music TV.


The band are constantly writing, recording and producing their material using their home studios.