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Bare Back Reindeer 
A festive version of the Papersnakes classic tune "Bare Back Monkey".

Volume One

Our nine-track album available online, on USB key chain AND on heavyweight red vinyl.  All made possible by our successful Kickstarter project!

The cover design below were used for the individual releases of the songs to streaming services.  All these tracks have been remixed and remastered and released on the Volume One album (above).

Click the "socials" icons below the logo at the top of the page to visit Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon for our streaming stores.

Volume One Singles - Cover Artwork

Don't Shout It

Green Unpleasant (Extended Mix)
Extended version of the track included on our album Volume One.

Too Much Too Young
Extended version of our cover of The Specials classic track.

"Hero" written and performed with Beth.  Original song written for performance at a live event in the centre of St. Albans.

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