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This video demonstrates the key adjustments you can make to your turntable to reduce the record "skipping" or getting stuck at certain points.

Three main settings are :

Downward pressure (or "weight") of your stylus [at 4:15]


For the best playback the arm of your turntable needs to be delicatley balanced, not too light or too heavy.  This balance, or "downward pressure" can be adjusted by rotating the weight at the non-styus end of the arm.


To get the ideal downward pressure (around 2.0g - 2.5g) you should use a stylus pressure gauge.

You can find stylus pressure gauges on Amazon (UK)


The anti-skate setting of your turntable arm ​[at 8:46] 

This setting is to adjust the sideways movement of the arm to compensate for "inward pull" force.

The optimum alignment of your stylus cartridge using a stylus protractor [at 18:16]

This setting is to make sure your stylus is sitting in the centre of the groove so that an imaginary line between the left and right sides of the stylus is perpendicular to the groove.  This ensures a balanced signal from the left and right channels.  

During playback, as the arm moves inwards to the centre of the turntable, the stylus alignment changes.  The way to check for this is to use a stylus protector to check the aligment of the stylus at two diffenent positions of the arm.

You don't need to buy a protractor, you can download and print a template from here.

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